The Company

Forever Living Products (FLP) is the largest grower, producer and distributor of Aloe Vera-based products. Founded in 1978, the Company is dedicated to the production of health and beauty products. Instead of adding just a few drops of Aloe to a product in order to encourage people to buy it and increase the sales, we prefer to start from fresh Aloe Vera plants and add only enough of additional elements, where necessary, to create a complete range of personal care products (skin care creams, shampoos, and toothpaste).

In other words, the basic ingredient in most of our products is 100% stabilized Aloe Vera Gel. We possess Aloe Vera plantations, as our exclusive property, in the Valley of the Rio Grande, the south of Texas, in the Dominican Republic and in other areas of the Caribbean. Our trained and dedicated staff control every single step of the plant’s growth, from the seedling in the fields, cultivated with care, to the final ripening phase and the moment when the plant is ready to be picked, which is done exclusively by hand. We only pick ripe Aloe Vera plants, once they have reached their full growth after four years of aging.

We do not use any fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides – on the plants or soil.

Our partners Aloe Vera of America stabilize the gel and formulate products according to a precise schedule. We never order large quantities of Aloe once or twice a year, in order to avoid the risk of deterioration. Rest assured that you will always receive fresh products, produced only a few weeks prior to arriving at the local Product Center.